In Search of Our History


Das Kern-Suchteam mit Adrian Bogdan, Daniela Wiesli, Stefan di Staso, Benjamin di Staso

Little is known about «Wilen bei Wil», a small, inconspicuous village in the southern part of the Canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. It is situated between a densely wooded hill called «Hummelberg» to the west, a wooded slope called «Wuhrenholz» to the east, and a beautiful small marsh known as «Egelsee» to the south. A reed-covered marsh that might once have been a lake. Nobody knows for sure. Wilen’s history has never been written.

In 2007, a group of local historians decided to change that. Our research in local archives yielded information on the past 200 years, but nothing earlier than that came to light. In 2018, with the approval of the Canton of Thurgau’s Department of Archaeology, we finally decided to apply a different approach – exploring the terrain with electromagnetic devices. And what we have discovered so far is much more than anyone would have expected …

Further information

  • Beginning of the project: May 2018
  • Detectorists: Adrian Bogdan, Stefan di Staso, Benjamin di Staso, Bastian Breitmayer, Ueli Hänsenberger, Walter Truniger, Markus Schultz, Daniela Wiesli
  • Local historian: Daniela Wiesli
  • Photographer: Daniel Lüscher, Dominik Weezly, Jorge Dändliker
  • Filmmaker: Dominik Weezly
  • Location: Wilen bei Wil, Thurgau, Switzerland
  • Website:

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